Our Approach

The MVP Approach

At the end of the day it's all about results. It's not enough to just refer to the triple constraint (Fast, Good, Cheap -- Pick two). The key is to guide the company to make decisions consistent with the company's core principles.

Our Story

MVP comes to the table with a coaching attitude. We help company leaders understand the choices as a software implementation project proceeds. Good planning is important but no one ever predicts the future with certainty. We believe in making a good plan, improving it as time passes, and always focusing on the desired end result. This is how real projects are successful in the real world!

Our Projects


ERP Upgrade and Migration

Project Manager for upgrade of three manufacturing facilities (two in US, one in Mexico) BPCS to ERPLX; followed by migration of two more US acquisitions (DBA Mfg and Infor Fourth Shift to ERPLX). Three years, five million USD.


Europe and USA SAP Planning RFP

Content Writer and US representative on team that wrote RFP, reviewed proposals, and identified methodology for SAP implementation across Europe and USA.


Saleforce.com Re-implementation

Program Manager for revitalization of an unsuccessful implementation; organized client team to review and revise data model, facilitated client/partner communication; supported multiple subsequent improvement phases including a selection process for a long term technology partner.

Let us make your project our next!

Need help but worried that your project is too small or too simple? You don't need a stack of documents, you need just enough organization to get the work done. We understand scalability and have the expertise to apply the right amount of discipline for your project.