ERP Software Integration

We have fifteen years of experience managing ERP upgrade, migration, and post-acquisition merger projects. We can assist with selection, planning, and realization of ERPLX (BPCS), SAP, PRMS, Eclipse, and locally developed solutions.

CRM Program Management

We understand that the CRM domain is complex, and that you need to crawl first, before walking and running. The CRM marketplace has a wealth of providers who can deploy a fully functional suite of technology very quickly, but how fast can your sales and service team transform? We can help you to structure a CRM program which matches your organization's ability to change, a program focused on user adoption.

Enterprise Software Implementation

We have managed successful implementations of many diverse systems and can help you steer your project to a successful go live.


What is a "Fractional PMO?"

All companies have systems experts and project managers, and in every successful company these internal resources are over-allocated. What you need is not "another body" but the services of a Project Management Office (PMO). A professional PMO has project managers, business analysts, and admins who are aligned with the strategies of the company. MVP provides PMO services on a small scale to companies experiencing growth. We learn and align with the company strategy and provide project management, business analysis, and admin support.

How We Are Different

We specialize in ERP and CRM implementation in the manufacturing vertical. With more than twenty years experience, we understand the order-to-cash priority for a systems go-live, and the impact of a positive customer experience. At the end of the day it's all about results. Make a good plan, adjust and improve, stay focused on the end result.


Next Steps

  • If you're involved in an acquisition but you don't know what the technology merger will look like
  • If you have a project but you are not sure in which systems domain it falls
  • If you have a need, but you are not sure of the scope

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